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RG59 2core Cctv Camera Cable 100mtr Coil

RG59 2core Cctv Camera Cable 100mtr Coil

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  • Siamese type configuration to run analog video and Low Voltage power in one cable Core
  • RG-59/2+1  Type coax plus one pair 18 AWG stranded
  • (Coax) solid bare copper conductor 20 AWG
  • Gas injected polyethylene coaxial core Nom. OD .142 inch (3.61 mm) with an aluminum polyester tape barrier
  • Bare copper braid shield 95% coverage
  • Unshielded 18 AWG twisted pair employing PVC insulation and PVC fillers
  • Overall PVC jacket Nom. OD .232 x .460" (5.89 x 11.68 mm)

RG59 2core Cctv Camera Cable


VisionXP supplies a range of coax cables, developed specifically for the CCTV market, to ensure that the correct quality of copper cabling is being used in installations. With a huge range of RG59 2+1 cables on the market, it can be confusing as to which is best for your


The RG59-SG coax cable is a ‘shotgun’ style cable with a copper coated steel core with, ≥83% screen coverage in one side and 2 separate cores for power in the other.

This allows a single cable run to send the video signal and power to the camera with the one cable, saving time. The coax and power can be easily separated, allowing

the RG59 to be taken 150m away without excessive attenuation (signal losses <4dB) for connection to the camera, control equipment or monitor, meaning no visible

loss of picture quality and ensured operation on coaxial controlled systems. The power cores can be taken from the camera to the power supply and are colour coded red and black to help avoid any errors in connection.


Coax Section RG59/ 2+1 Solid -

  • Conductor : Copper coated steel core, 0.58mm Ø
  • Braiding : Copper coated aluminium, ≥83% coverage
  • Dielectric : Solid Polyethylene (SPE)
  • Impedance (Ω) : 75Ω +/- 5
  • Capacitance : 67 pF/metre nominal
  • Attenuation : ≤2.5dB / 100m @ 5Mz
  • Conductor : 2 x 0.75mm2 (strandedcopper core)

Coax Section RG59/ 2+1 Flexible -

  • Conductor : 2 x 0.5mm2 (strandedcopper core)

Power Section - 

  • Cover : Red & Black PVC
  • Outer cover : Black LSF PVC: UV resistant, 6.0mm Ø nominal (Name &, batchnumber printed along the length)
  • Lengths : 100 & 200m
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