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Spy WiFi Eye Glass Goggles Secret Audio Video Recorder

Spy WiFi Eye Glass Goggles Secret Audio Video Recorder

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Product Parameters :

  • CMOS Image Sensor : 5 megapixels
  • Video Resolution : FHD1920*1080 30FPS
  • Video Recording Time : 3 minutes each (default)
  • Wireless : Wi-Fi band: 2.4Gz
  • Communication : Wi-Fi standard: 802.11n
  • Specifications : Wi-Fi connec on distance reference: 30M
  • Lens angle : 80 degrees
  • EV compensation : Automatic
  • White balance : Automatic
  • Working time : About 60 mins./about235 minswherW-FitumondS5 About 120 mins, about 45 mins when Wi-Fi turn on)-G5 Plus
  • Built-in battery : 3.7V 250mAh polymer battery-G5 3.7V 410mAh polymer battery-G5 Plus
  • Eyeglass size : L150mm*W149mm*H46mm
  • Weight : About 32.1g (about 37.3g including lenses)
  • G5 (250mAh)
  • G5 Plus(410mAh
  • Smart Video Glasses

Spy WiFi Eye Glass Goggles Audio Video Camera

Product Specificcation :

  • WiFi Goggles App download : Android system scan (Image 3) QR code download the APP "GPSS Cam/Goplus Cam" or go to google play to search "GPSS Cam/ Goplus Cam" and download, iOS please go to the APP Store search for "GPSS Cam/Goplus Cam" Download.
  • Battery charging : Please charge the battery before using it for the first time. The charging time is about 40 Mins-G5/60 Mins- G5 Plus. (The charger's red light turns off means it is full)
  • Prepare TF card : This product supports 64GB TF card, it is recommended to use Class10 and above.
  • Battery leg installation : The battery legs are designed with a straight plug. First put the battery leg to the interface position, insert connector. (eg: Image 4)

Tips : 

  • To start the device when it is in low power, the device will have a short vibrate, the device will not power on.
  • When the device is turned on without a TF card, the device will automatically turns off after about 30 seconds of vibration.
  • This machine is cyclic recording, that is, the new video will over written the beginning of the video when the TF card is full.
  • Do not touch the left frame leg to avoid misoperation after power on.

Second : operation instructions

  • Touch to power on : touch and hold the left leg power position for 3 seconds,the green light is on and the device vibrates for 0.5 se cond, it has been turned on. The video will be recorded automatica Ily after power on the device, the green light flash.
  • Turn off : touch and hold the power position for 3 seconds, the machine will be turned off after two intervals of 0.5 seconds of vibrations.
  • Indicator light : green light is the work indicator.
  • Time setting : After turned on, a file named TIMERESET.txt will be created in the root directory of the TF card. The file content is blank. If you need to change the date and time, you need to manually enter it. The format is the year, month, day, hour, and second of the alphabet (as indicated by 20171211180734Y, indicating December 11, 2017 18:07:34Y; the letters indicate whether the time watermark is on/off, Y on/N off.)
  • APP connect wifi glasses : After the device is turned on. Open the mobile phone WLAN, select the glasses"Wi-Fi signal" and click on the connection, Wi-Fi named for GPSS-CAM-XXXXX, the default password is: 12345. Operation shown in image(5). After connected the glasse to Wi-Fi, open the mobile phone APP and click the Wi-Fi icon in the in itial interface of the APP to connect the glasses. The operation is shown in image(6/7). The connection is completed to the main interface image(8).

Use tips :

  • When Wi-Fi is not connected, Wi-Fi will turn off automatically after 120 seconds, The blue light is off and the glasses vibrates twice. Wi-Fi turns off will not affect the device keeps video recording.
  • When the phone connected to the glasses via Wi-Fi, but does not enter into the APP interface to watch video, the Wi-Fi will turn off automatically after 120 second. Wi-Fi turns off will not affcet the glasses keeps video recording.

Function description of the APP interface : Image (9)

  • Open the folder and display the file information in the glasses TF card. After opening, the video can be downloaded and saved on the mobile phone.
  • Recording sound on/off.
  • Mobile terminal system setting menu.
  • Exit the interface, disconnect and return to the initial home screen.
  • Start/stop recording or take pictures.
  • Video mode and photo mode switch.

Third : Precautions :

  • If the picture is not clear. Check the lens section whether have dust or obstructions. It is recommended to shoot as much light as possible.
  • Please use a player that supports AVI format, such as VLC, PotPlayer and other common players to play video.
  • The other functions not mentioned in this manual haven't been opened yet, and are subject to update without notice.
  • This product is limited to use 5V 1A charger for power supply, do not use the quick charger to charge the battery, excessive current will cause the product damaged.
  • If the glasses could be powered on without memory card and couldn't be powered on with a memory card inside,Please pull out the battery leg and reinstall them,then restart the glasses cam again, or Please pull out the battery leg and memory card and reinstall them.
  • How to install the memory card? When trying to insert the memory card into the left leg, please fold the left leg to show the card slot,push the card slightly into the card slot.When trying to pull out the memory card,please use the plastic tweezers or other tools,clamp the arc-shaped trunking on the card,(Please refer to Image 4) in this way,user can easily take out the memory card.

Quick Use Guide

  • Thank you for purchasing our company's Wi-Fi video glasses (Model: G5/G5 Plus). Please read this manual carefully to maximize its performance and extend the life of this product. Packing details: Glasses 1, battery leg ×2, USB cable x1, charger x1, glasses cloth xi, user manual x1


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