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YADON YAD15-6K24 CCTV Camera Mini DC UPS

YADON YAD15-6K24 CCTV Camera Mini DC UPS

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SKU : YAD156K24

YADON YAD15-6K24 Mini 4/8 CCTV Camera DC UPS Security Never ShutDown Lowest Price

Key Features

  • DC UPS Support all Branded Cameras DVR & WiFi Routers
  • Lithium-ion Power Battery 15600mAH (in Parallel Count)
  • No Delay Battery Boot UP
  • Battery Protection Over Voltage
  • Over Load Protection
  • High Operating Efficiancy Auto Charge
  • Smart Control by AI Chips
  • At Time Can Load by 4/8 Camera , DVR, WiFi Router
  • 4 Camera Battery Backup 3-4 Hrs
  • 8 Camera Battery Backup 2-3 Hrs

YADON YAD15-6K24 Mini 4-8 CCTV Camera DC UPS Security Never ShutDown Lowest Price Buy Online Store

Product Introduction :

Welcome to the world of CCTV cameras! Today we are going to introduce you to something that is going to cover a huge gap! No matter how good your system is, it is useless without power! YADON has brought DC mini UPS, which can run your 4 cameras, 1 DVR and a WiFi router for 4 hours without interruption, and 8 cameras will give 2 hours of backup! It has different voltage for different devices, Smart Control AI feature works in it! Contact us for more information